ASE ‘Aeolus’

The Association for Students of EWEM, known as Aeolus, was founded to help students connect with the industry and vice versa whilst also providing ways to improve their experience during the programme.

Our mission is defined as “Enriching the study experience of students of EWEM with respect to educational, career-oriented and social aspects by enhancing the bond between students and the cooperating universities, the industry and the students themselves”. This means that our values, defined below, are focussed on EWEM-students solely. But for all open events we do invite other wind energy students of the cooperating universities, if there are vacant places.

ASE ‘Aeolus’ aims to be the default go-to organisation for students of EWEM who want to enrich their study experience and the go-to organisation for the European wind energy industry to engage with wind energy students.

In order to accomplish our mission and vision, four main values have been defined.

1. Organizing Educational and Career-­‐oriented events
These events can be anything from guest lectures and study cases to company visits and a multiple day excursion.

2. Providing Application and Study Guidance
As our master is a collaboration between four universities and even more faculties in four different countries, there are a lot of formalities our students need to take care of. Together with facilitating a platform where students can study together, we try to build an increasing knowledge base for our members.

3. Performing Quality Control
Together with the board of EWEM, we try to keep improving the quality of our master in order to be as interesting for the industry and academic community as possible.

4. Encourage Social Cohesion
As being a master student is much more than attending courses, we try to provide continuity in the social cohesion between our members by organising informal events.