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Visit to Noordoostpolder - Ventolines

Ventolines gave us the opportunity to visit their offices in Emmeloord, presentations about their work and history and even a visit to the wind farm in the Noordoostpolder (NOP). A Big thank you to Dr. ir. Bart Ummels for his hospitality.


MDE background

Multiple Day Excursion 2016 - Jutland, Denmark

ASE 'Aeolus' second trip around Denmark was a success! We would like to thank DONG Energy Danmark, Siemens Wind Power Brande, Vestas, LM Wind Power - Denmark and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - DTU for their hospitality during these visits. It was a great experience and we are looking forward to our next visit!



Visit Van Oord Cable-Laying Vessel "Nexus"

Friday March 6th ASE 'Aeolus' was invited to visit Van Oord's newest ship the "Nexus". The Nexus is designed to lay cables to offshore wind farms. It first project will be the Gemini offshore wind farm.


EWEA Paris background

EWEA Paris Conference 2015

On November 2015, students from EWEM had the chance of attending various conferences, meeting professionals of leading wind energy companies and joining panel discussions.


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Movie Night "This Changes Everything"

On November 15th, the movie "This Changes Everything" was showcased to bring awareness about the challenges and opportunities that climate change brings about. Attendees and organizers exchanged points of view and ideas on the topic.



Enriching the study experience of students of EWEM with respect to educational, career-oriented and social aspects by enhancing the bond between students and the cooperating universities, the industry and the students themselves.

ASE ‘Aeolus’

ASE ‘Aeolus’ is the association for students of the European Wind Energy Master of the TU Delft, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Technical University of Denmark.


ASE ‘Aeolus’ aims to be the default go-to organisation for students of EWEM who want to enrich their study experience and the go-to organisation for the European wind energy industry to engage with wind energy students.


The baton has been forwarded to the new board to carry out the mission that ASE ‘Aeolus’ had envisioned from the start. We would like to thank the founding board for taking up such an initiative to help the EWEM Students, bringing together 70 members and alumni and many companies of the wind energy industry.

After a successful organization of the Multiple Day Excursion for 20 of our members and a trip to EWEA Paris 2015 together with the industry, ASE ‘Aeolus’ provides a crucial link between the academic world and the industry and gives its members the opportunity to network. Cohesion and interaction among our members is also one of our main goals within the association, enhanced through a Christmas dinner in both Denmark and Norway and other informal reunions.

We have come a long way, but there is still much to look forward to. The aid given by our new sponsors Aeolus has been crucial and we aim to achieve much more in the coming few years. We are very proud and thankful of the support that Nuon, Enercon and Ventolines are providing us as our partners and encourage other companies to join us in this endeavor. With their help and the help of our members we hope to create a global network that strives together in the developing world of Wind Energy.

Board of ASE ‘Aeolus’

ASE ‘Aeolus’

The Association for Students of EWEM, known as Aeolus, was founded to help students connect with the industry and vice versa whilst also providing ways to improve their experience during the programme.

  • A multiple day experience, visiting factories, test sites, and headquarters of the wind energy industry
  • Hosting guest lectures at all our partner universities
  • Organising informal drinks and events to bring everyone together
  • Performing EWEM specific quality control to help improve the quality of the programme
  • Provide opportunities for students to find their MSc. Thesis or internship in the industry

The European Wind Energy Master (EWEM)

The European Wind Energy Master (EWEM) is an Erasmus Mundus programme hosted by the Technical University of Delft (NL),

Danish Technical University (DK), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO) and the University of Oldenburg (DE).

Students get to experience the forefront of wind energy research in an international environment.

Rotor Design

This track focuses on blade development and students must choose whether to specialise in the structures aspect or the aerodynamics aspect of blade design. A Rotor Design student obtains a degree from Delft and one from Denmark

Offshore Engineering

Students of this track learn about the design procedure for offshore structures and how it should it adapted to suit wind turbine foundations and offshore wind farms. Upon graduation students receive a degree from Delft and one from Norway

Wind Physics

Students  will gain knowledge on the physics that govern wind in terms of fluid dynamics, meteorology and statistics.  They will receive a degree from Oldenburg and Denmark after their graduation

Electrical Power Systems

This track allows the student to get the technical knowledge about components and systems required for renewable energy integration within the power system. After graduation the student will have a degree from Delft and Norway.